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10. juuni 2010

Last view of Sydney
Anyway guys, I’m in Melbourne right now. It is actually awesome, tho it’s FUCKING cold here. My hosts are awesome and yeah…You guys probs know me too well to know what I have been up to!:D Drinking is a lifestyle and I’m living it!:D

You know I miss ALL of you back at my lovely Womerah avenue and I wish that you all would come and visit me in Estonia. You just have to! I miss Natashas “dirty laugh” and Antoinettes “SMOKEEEENTIIIME” and of course the talks with Jen and TIMMMYYY I LOVE YOU! And how can I survive without screaming “Dan, Dan, Dan, Dan” into somebodys ear?? And I still love the Paul poster and my last night in Sydney soooo much, so thanks guys! And Dan and Tim, you just wrote the cutest things into my book, I cried like a retard. As I do..And somebody please help Antoinette to find me on FB. You all know how she is with that kinda stuff:D

And Conor and Kelvin, my two awesome secret lovers.. what will I do without you?!

Make sure that you all keep in touch and let me know whats up in Sydney, because i looooooveeee youuu!!

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    Vasta Anonymous 10. juuni 2010 at 13:57

    Estonia. . . . here i come!!! x

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    Vasta Anonymous 10. juuni 2010 at 13:45

    Aaaaaah!!! never thought i'd say this but. . . . . . . wait for it . . . I MISS YOOOOOOOOOOOOUU!!!! When are you coming back? 🙁

    P.S All over your face!!!!
    P.P.S I want to move the refridgerator . . . and install the colour tv!!!!
    P.P.P.S Conor can do the rooster! Can you?