7. detsember 2009

The appartment still smells like sewage, so does marianns hair, and its still black. I am so tired apparantly i cant sleep until mariann wants to. why am i living with her? oh thats right shes acctually nice to me ( most of the time) but im not supposed to tell anyone. so im gonna tell you about why i raised my voice to mariann- on friday i started work at 05:30 till 18:00 then went back at midnight, at around 02:00 mariann phones me drunk, moaning at me about when will i be home and that ash is coming over. which obviously made me extremely happy! and i got told off for being on my phone as we were really busy. i left work early to go drink with her thats what mariann wanted to do, and when i got back all she did was went to sleep, i thought 19 year olds partied all night, like me! except im not 19, so i could have stayed at work. any way i got drunk by myself, and spoke to lots of people back in england.

Now im going to mention how steve came back home on saturday, TOTALLY drunk, with 2 cheeseburgers. He fell over while he was crawling back home, so he tried to save the burgers and decided to land on his elbows. Anyway, did i raise my voice? Oh no. I helped him on the roof to have a cigarette and then he just passed out on the bed and i had to take his clothes off and i had to suffer all night of beating, because obviously he wants to hurt me deep down inside, and pretended to be asleep:(  The point is that i was being really nice and .. jolly, and steve is the mean one:)

im pretty sure none of that happened, if it did i would remember! 

I like mariann a lot, although you wouldn’t guess it from this entry! actually (this is my favourite word) we have tons of fun, like visiting museums! no really it was fun.

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